From concern to individual person

We support three systems of different sizes: the organisation with its divisions, the executive with its employees and the individual person with his personality traits. The same success criteria applies to all three - clarity among decision-makers and stakeholders about the goal, a common understanding of the way and the determination for going it despite uncertainties and possible conflicts. We support you continuously on site or assist you on a case-by-case basis with individual measures.

Organisational Consulting

Leading Organisations

Do you know that?

70% of the strategies fail not at the strategy itself, but at their execution.

The most frequent stumbling blocks: there are good ideas and operational goals, but too little bundling of them in a strategy, a just roughly implemented execution process, unsettled executives, pressing shareholder. Although the workforce executes, it also complains about the lack of sensemaking, relevant information, focus, coordination or self-responsibility. The result is a drop in performance, loss of speed, demotivation.


This KEYPLAY provides

We support management board’s, CEOs and representatives of senior management in companies, associations and foundations among others at:

  • improvement of company and management culture
  • implementing sustainable strategy
  • realignment, reorganization
  • execution of growth strategy
  • efficiency improvement programs
  • integration of new areas and entities


Through measures like:

  • strategy development, strategy execution, change management/li>
  • (leadership) culture development
  • area and team development
  • workshop-moderation
  • conflict management / conflict mediation
  • (team)supervision
  • impulse lectures
  • implementation of HR/leadership tools as goal agreement, employee performance assessment, qualification program, talent management
  • conducting seminars and leadership development programs
  • conducting sparring-workshops, seminars, leadership-programs on topics such as leading change processes, leading sustainable business transformation, leading in digital age, leading teams, leader as entrepreneur and organizational developer, conducting employee interviews, tasks and instruments for leadership, labour law and leadership, leadership style, appearance/presentation, handling conflicts, time and self management
  • coaching on topics such as goal definition / decision making, (new) positioning, career guidance, executing leadership tools, goal orientated communication, presentation, dealing with internal conflicts, setting limits, increasing mental strength, time and stress management, life balance
Project Example #1 – Leadership Culture / Implementing HR-Tools

Support of management board, executives and employees in the development of a common management understanding through workshops, seminars, coachings. Implementation of performance appraisal and qualification program (service).

Project Example #2 – Implementation Efficiency

Consulting, accompanying and coaching of plant management during implementing the execution and review strategy. Conducting workshops on strategy execution and change management (mineral oil industry).

Project Example #3 – Reorientation

Consulting club management in developing strategic direction. Conducting workshops to cascade breakthrough targets into different divisions. Coaching of executives in conversational skills / self-management (sport).

Project Example #4 – Quality Improvement

Consulting the management in the development of a vision, derived strategies and objectives, cascading the goals down to the employee level, designing master plans and scorecards as well as carrying out status analyzes (automotive).

Leadership Development

Leading Employees

Do you know that?

If the executive does not lead, the employee does not cooperate.

Leaders have to deal with new challenges or want to be more secure in their daily business. They should give orientation, motivate, become more flexible, deal with conflicts in the team and lead prudently in the change processes. That’s not easy.


This KEYPLAY provides

We support leaders of all levels, project managers and entrepreneurs among others at:

  • leading change processes
    • leading sustainable business transformation
      • leading in digital age
        • leading teams
          • leader as entrepreneur and organizational developer
            • conducting employee interviews
              • tasks and instruments for leadership
              • labour law and leadership
              • leadership style
              • appearance, presentation
              • handling conflicts
              • time and self management


              Through measures like:

              • seminar
              • leadership development program
              • sparring-workshop
              • supervision
              • coaching
              • lectures
Project Example #1 – Development Program for Executives

Support through seminars and coachings with the focus on change management, employee discussions and time management. Project work on a strategically important project (media).

Project Example #2 – Team Development

Focussing again coach and players on relevant topics as well as on solution-oriented co-operation. Appropriation and discussion of sensitivities to strengthen team spirit and cooperation (sport).

Project Example #3 – Conflict Management

Moderation of clarification discussion between two conflict parties regarding role understanding, responsibilities, tasks and sensitivities. Defining concrete cooperation agreements (banks).

Project Example #4 - Workshop Moderation

Working on more clarity for a department in terms of roles, responsibilities, lesson learned, strategic and operational orientation as well as capacity utilisation (insurance).


Leading Yourself

Do you know that?

Those who simply go for it seldom reach the goal

Actually you should start, but you are like a stricken duck in a thunderstorm. There are many ways, but which is the right one? Or the start succeeds, but on the way to the goal threaten distraction and declining stamina. How do I get better? How do I develop my potential?


This KEYPLAY provides

We support CEOs, representatives of senior management, leaders, professional experts, entrepreneurs, trainers as well as professional athletes and individuals among others at:

  • goal definition, decision making
  • (new) positioning, career guidance
  • executing leadership tools
  • goal orientated communication, presentation
  • dealing with internal conflicts, setting limits
  • increasing mental strength
  • time and stress management, life balance


Through measures in coaching (1:1) or supervision (group) like:

  • solution-orientated conversation, systemic questions
  • location determination, potential analysis
  • experienced based methods, constellation work
  • problem solving and creativity techniques
  • mental strength techniques, work with internal images
  • relaxation and activation techniques
  • attitude and (leadership) behaviour tests
  • shadowing (accompanying during day-to-day-business with subsequent feedback)
Project Example #1 – Coaching & Consulting of a CEO
Topics among others: life balance, decision making, clarity of action, strategic orientation of the company and leadership culture (service).
Project Example #2 – Shadowing/Coaching of a Head of Quality
Shadowing for leadership, communication and appearance. Coaching on dealing with conflicts, securing decisions, building mental strength (pharma).
Project Example #3 – Coaching of profesionall athletes
Topics among others: decision-making, goal achievement, planning and preparation, stress management, setting limits, life-balance, motivation, determination, concentration, focus, perseverance (sport).
Project Example #4 – Supervision of Executives & Entrepreneurs
Working with a group of 8-10 person. Topics among others: leading in change processes, Digital Leadership, leading teams, dealing with conflicts, stress-management, decision making; positioning (different sectors).


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