KEYPLAY enables new paths

KEYPLAY supports national and international concerns, SME’s and small companies from a wide range of industries as well as sport clubs, associations or foundations. At crucial moments we will stand side-by-side with executives, sport coaches, professional experts, entrepreneurs and professional athletes as consultant, coach and impetus. Volker Rau, founder and CEO of KEYPLAY, and his team combine consulting know-how, entrepreneurial expertise, experiences from permanent employment in companies and knowledge from competitive sport to a successful mixture.

convincing authentic

KEYPLAY keeps your goals in mind. This is the only way to find the best solution together. We know the right tactics and have the know-how to structure them, while paying attention to detail. In this way, we guide our customers personally and concentrated to long lasting solutions.

surprising humorous

KEYPLAY will get you out of your comfort zone. We bring clarity and lightness into complex matters and challenge our customers with a positive bite. In this way, we create a pleasant base to tackle unpleasant aspects and challenges directly.

unusual valuable

KEYPLAY is more than consulting and coaching. We do not just talk about solutions, we lend a hand. At the same time, we are moving onto new and unfamiliar terrain with our customers. This allows us to create new perspectives.

Volker Rau

Coaching in his Blood

Since 1991 Volker Rau has been coaching people in different situations, first in sport, later in business. The study of Diplom Pädagoge with a focus on psychology represents the passion for communicating topics such as self-management, leadership and strategy execution and accompanying them in daily life. Volker Rau was born 1973 in Hamburg, is married and father of two children.

Coaching in Sport

As a former high performer and team captain of a 1st league team in field hockey, it has always been important for him to execute performance in training as well as the strategy developed in advance on the playing field and lead himself and others at critical moments. The same applied when he worked as a coach for competitive teams in the youth field.

Consulting/Coaching in Business

Since 2017 with KEYPLAY Volker Rau strengthens companies and individuals through organisational consulting, leadership development and coaching.
2011 he founded LIEBRECHT RAU Performance Consulting together with a partner, which focused on strategy execution.
For seven years he also worked as a senior trainer and organizational developer at the international trading company QVC in Düsseldorf, built up a leadership and talent management program and carried out coaching, supervision and area/team development.
Before this function he worked several years as an internal consultant for FORD in Cologne. His main task was the organizational development of the Fiesta final assembly with regard to change management, strategy execution, coaching and leadership development.
He began his career as an independent personal trainer with the topics of communication, teamwork and outdoor-training for the Hamburg training institute CICERO.

Education & Advanced Training

  • Diplom Pädagoge (graduate in education) with minor subjects psychology and oriental studies (Hamburg, Düsseldorf).
  • Systemic Consultant (Prof. Dr. Simon), Individual Psychology Consultant (Prof. Dr. Tymister) and certified Change Management Expert (Ford-Werke GmbH).
  • Expert in mental strength / in sport, stress and burnout-prophylaxis (Horst Kraemer, Brainjoin; Olaf Kortmann).
  • Expert in Experienced Based Methods and Outdoor-Trainer (IF Weinheim / Outward Bound).
  • Certified in Provocative Intervention (German Institute for Provocative Therapy) and Integrative Transactional Analysis (Institute TEAM).
  • Consulting in German and English.


Valentin Altenburg

Expert in Strategy Development, Project Management. Interim Management.

Patrick Bungard

Expert in Sustainable Management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Marion Peter

Expert in Strategy Development, Project Management. Interim Management.

Julia Rau

Expert in career guidance, giftedness and high sensitivity.

Michael Sahlmann

Expert in Strategy Development, Project Management. Interim Management.

Dr. Marion Siehler

Expert in labour law and HR. Supporting clients nationwide and internationally.